• AngelaCARES, Inc.
    AngelaCARES, Inc.

    AngelaCARES, Inc.TM is a 501(c) (3) nonprofit organization headquartered in Jersey City, NJ. We were incorporated on October 20, 2011 and we have a Chapter in Las Vegas, NV.

  • AngelaCARES, Inc.
    AngelaCARES, Inc.

    Our goal is to strengthen communities by enhancing the quality of life through empowering our seniors, their caregivers, and the youth.

  • AngelaCARES, Inc.
    AngelaCARES, Inc.

    A Passion to Care. The Ability to Help.SM

  • AngelaCARES, Inc.
    AngelaCARES, Inc.

    We thank you for your support!

  • AngelaCARES, Inc.
    AngelaCARES, Inc.

    Our projects: Here4Seniors, Joining Our Youth & Seniors (J.O.Y.S.), and emPOWER Senior Caregivers

  • AngelaCARES, Inc.
    AngelaCARES, Inc.

    You can help us make a difference!

  • AngelaCARES, Inc.
    AngelaCARES, Inc.

    The “circle” represents safety (for our seniors), connection (joining our youth and seniors), and wholeness (providing senior caregivers support).  

  • AngelaCARES, Inc.
    AngelaCARES, Inc.

    Our passion for caring allows us to Mentor our Youth, Help our Seniors & Support our Senior Caregivers.


Public Service Annoucement: Our 6 Week Youth Volunteer Workshop will start on Monday, October 6, 2014 from 4:00pm - 6:00pm in Jersey City! The program runs for 6 consective weeks. We are thankful to have United Way of Hudson County sponsor this workshop!

The mission of AngelaCARESTM

To serve as an advocate and support system for Here4Seniors, their  caregivers , and a mentor to the youth by educating and empowering them to volunteer. We are committed to strengthening communities by enhancing the quality of life through the generations.

Our values

  • Teamwork: We promote and support our team. We work as a team to fulfill our mission and goals.
  • Respect: We respect our customers, employees, volunteers, supporters, and all stakeholders. We show passion and demonstrate integrity, honesty, and fairness in every action we take.
  • Accountability: We accept our individual and team responsibilities and we strive to meet our commitments. We take responsibility for our performance in all of our decisions and actions.
  • Innovation: We use our creativity to deliver service to those we touch. We look for ways to add that special touch.

The“circle”of AngelaCARES, Inc.TM illustrates unity, wholeness, and infinity. When you look at the “circle,” you see there is no beginning or end, no sides or corners. The “circle” represents safety for our seniors,connection by joining our youth and seniors, and wholeness by providing support
for our senior caregivers. The circle suggests community, integrity, and excellence, which is a direct correlation to AngelaCARES, Inc.’s purpose.

Please click download to view our brochure.  

“Our passion for caring allows us to Mentor our
Youth, Help our Seniors & Support their Caregivers”

We also take time to GIVE BACK to make the world a better place.

We are grateful and thankful for our supportive volunteers!



We at AngelaCARES, Inc. love doing so much in our community that we always want to have it accessible to you! We send out an E-newsletter called our Weekly Update to keep everyone up-to-date on all the latest AngelaCARES events and exciting news about what we’re doing in the community. If you’d like to receive our Weekly Update via email and gain access all of our past updates, click here


"AngelaCARES, Inc. is one of the best programs for Seniors in Hudson County and state of NJ Receives an AAA rating." ~ Lillie P., Senior Citizen





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